Safety Glass

A safer alternative

Car makers have been using safety glass since the late 1920’s. By sandwiching a thin layer of clear plastic film (PVB) between two pieces of glass, the film holds the glass in place in the event of a breakage, reducing potential injuries from flying broken glass. Barkly Glass can install safety glass in your home, office, factory, school or shop.

With traditional window-pane glass breakages, the glass will shatter into sharp and often dangerous shards. This is a hazard that can be easily avoided simply by using safety glass! Not dissimilar to automotive safety glass, a breakage will result in the window retaining its structural integrity, and shattering into smaller pieces.

Avoid unnecessary injuries, ask about our safety glass solutions today!

Available in 6.38, 8.38, 10.38 and 12.38mm clear, grey or bronze.

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